Monday, June 18, 2007


(Bear with me while I try to type a post using hubby's dying wireless keyboard...)

So the hubby and I are leaving for Florida on Saturday.

(Cheers and the sound of the bubbly popping open.)

It's been so long since we've had a vacation together, just me and him. It's not exactly a vacation for him--more like a professional conference, actually--but still! We get a hotel room! To ourselves!! For a week and a half!!! I could die.

Now the only hard part is making sure we don't gain back all the weight we've worked so hard to take off recently. We both just bought new, smaller, warm-weather clothes so it would be really nice to stay in them for a while. Then, when we don't fit them anymore, it'd better be because they're too big. :)

Hey, just about one month til my Zumba certification class. I sold my dvds and cd on ebay to save up for it, and now I'm going through withdrawl. S'all good though, cuz they give you another set when you get certified. Then for only $30 a month I get new stuff all the time! That's so cool, I don't even care that I'll probably only make $30 a month! :)

Anyone need Zumba instructors? I do private lessons! Located in MA, pending certification July 2007. ;)
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