Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eating on vacation, or, bring on the margaritas!

Well here I am in Florida, spending lots of money on shopping and eating while my dear hubby goes to his conference all this week. It's Tuesday now and we've been here since Saturday afternoon. We've been to Disney-MGM studios, SeaWorld, the Hard Rock Cafe, and a bunch of little eateries. Between all the walking around theme parks (the walking! ooh, the walking!! and the sweating! 95 degrees, people! Who goes to Florida in June?!) and the eating of good food and drinking of yummy alcoholic beverages (it's the bizarrest thing for those of you who live in MA or any other state where blue laws rule the earth: they just let you walk around! with alcohol! in the streets!) I think (I hope!!) I'll have lost weight by the end of the week. Of course, if I kept my promise to myself to be at the hotel fitness center every day that might be more certain, but...well, there are just too many other things to do.

Like get my nose pierced!!

Yup, I did. But that's got nothing to do with weight-loss so you can visit my other blog (you can get there through my profile, yo) if you want to read more about that. I will say, however, that I now have a near-constant urge to pick my nose.

OK, on that note--now more about the FOOOOOD. ;)

I have been so good at eating when I'm hungry and not because I'm bored or because it's just there or because it's something I really really want. Like Sunday night, after we'd walked around MGM all day (fun!) and we were starving, we went to Hard Rock (which totally, well, rocked) and we had two drinks (pretty much my limit if I want to walk straight) which were soooo yumm. I had a pomegrante margarita and um...shoot I forgot the other drink. Some kind of martini I think. And I had an 8oz steak that was soo good but too big to finish and broccoli which looked really good (nothing goes with steak like broccoli IMO) but wasn't cooked enough (which sucked--you know how you're like, MM! Vegetables! which doesn't happen very often but then you bite the vegetables and they're disappointing and you're like Hm, shoulda had the giant bread basket instead!) and what was I saying? Oh and then I was too full for dessert. Now, I normally would go ahead and eat dessert anyway because hello! Hard Rock Brownie Sundae is supposed to be the best! but I didn't. And I survived.

Part of that is due to the fact that there is a Cold Stone Creamery somewhere around here that we are going to re-find. We found it the other day and just stepped in and OMG the smeelllll...Cold Stone Creamery smells like I would imagine Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory to smell.

So yeah, I still need work on the "stopping when satisfied"--if I do manage to stop eating before I'm full I just get hungry again ten minutes later, like I stop too soon because I'm afraid to overdo it--but the "eating only when hungry" part? Doing pretty good there!

Today I had coffee at BadAss coffee. It was not so much a coffee: it was actually hot white and dark chocolate. Yum. Gave me a stomach ache @.@ but it was good. And every morning for breakfast I've had an omelet with peppers, onions and cheese, yogurt with berries and toasted oats and almonds, and toast or potatoes. Always just a little of everything. Then on my way out from breakfast I grab a banana, a NutraGrain bar, and a water, and that's lunch.

OK, this has seriously got to be one of my more convoluted, crazy, boring posts but you'll just have to forgive me because I'm excited!! I'm in Florida! :)
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