Tuesday, May 08, 2007

you totally sweat my zumba shoes

These are my Zumba shoes:

Cute, right? They're black and white and purple, which is just about my favorite color combo evah.


You might be wondering, "Well, what makes them Zumba shoes?! Shoes are shoes!"

Well, you'd be wrong!

Zumba has lots of hip-swivelling moves that could totally take out your knees if you make the mistake of wearing tread-y sneakers that stick to the floor. Sneakers like mine have kinda-fabric-stuff on the bottoms so you can swivel and shake to your hearts content without dislocating any major body parts.

I was trying to keep this all in mind tonight at Zumba class while trying to restore my dignity. See, I took a big step, trying to be all cool and killa-moves. My lunge didn't hold though, thanks to my fancy schmancy 7-dollar Target Zumba shoes, and I totally fell on my ass.

But because I'm all cool like that, I just got up and wiped my butt off while laughing at myself. Because everyone knows that people can't laugh at you if you're already laughing yourself. ;)

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