Monday, May 07, 2007

rise & shine

Hey, wanna see what I look like first thing in the morning? Hope you aren't eating! Here ya go!:

Well, that was fun. ;)

I was reading this blog and she posted her own rise & shine picture so I thought I'd try that too. Overall I have to say I don't look too bad. I still have mascara on one eye--I can never get that crap all the way off.

Moving on...

I Zumba'd today, although I got called out because Bek pooped and I had to change her. I thought I told her to do that kind of stuff before we left.

Speaking of Zumba I tried another class by another instructor last week, did I tell you? Hated it. Won't go back.

Um...what else. Oh! I gave up the junk food. Hum? Oh, well, yeah I know I've said that before but so? Don't judge me!! ;) So yeah, salad and fresh fruit and whole grains for the past two days. Today's the third day and I don't even have a headache! Go me! (Seriously, do you ever get headaches when you try to give up the good stuff? That crap's addictive!)

OH and I have rockin abs! I mean, I have to get rid of all the fat before you'll ever notice but when I'm exercising, or working, or even just standing there I can feel muscles that I never noticed before! Go me! I just have to work on getting them to, like, show. ;)

Hm, that's all for now. Bek's still in her high chair eating lunch and I probably shouldn't leave her too long or she'll toddle on down to DSS, yelling mama mama mama! all the way. So, see ya!

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