Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey, check it out! Here is an interview I did for Neat! :)

This weekend it finally hit home that what I eat really has an effect on how I feel. I mean, of course I knew that intellectually, and after reading YOU on a Diet I could probably explain exactly what happens in your body that makes you feel good when you eat well and feel crappy when you eat crappy. But I didn't really believe it.

Or, I didn't want to believe it. Because then I'd have to turn down that last brownie. ;)

But this weekend was my dad's birthday. (He's the big 5-0!) I brought cake over and sat with my dad, my sister, my brother, and my sister's son. We talked and joked and had a great time until, like, midnight, but that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is all the cake I ate! Cake that night, cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day. (My excuse was that it was mothers' day and I deserved it. When am I going to learn that I deserve to feel good and not crappy?!)

Then the day after that was Monday. Hubby had the day off and went to pick up donut holes and I devoured half of those.

Then I went to Monday morning Zumba class. I got a huge compliment when my instructor was late and two women turned to me and said, "She can teach it!" but then I couldn't even live up to it because I had no energy. Even for my very favoritest song I was kinda just phoning it in.

Somewhat embarrassing.

And I could only chalk it up to all the junk! So...sigh. Gotta eat less junk, more good stuff. And, like, be consistent. Because seriously, don't you hear me saying that all the time?!!
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