Friday, April 13, 2007


Tomorrow's a long day. I'm getting up at 6 (or at least, y'know, that's the plan), going to the gym, showering, running home to see hubby for a bit, then going to a 9am meeting of the new "weight loss support group" that's starting up at my church.

I actually had to tell my boss that's where I'll be, so he'd give me the morning off. I mean, not that he can't see I'm fat ("What? You need to lose weight? Oh, I hadn't thought...well, ok, if you think so...") but its another thing to have to say it, y'know? :) It's all good...all on the road to health. 'S'all good. ;)

Anyway then it's straight to work then hopefully out for a drink and some nachos with the girls from work. And yes, I'm budgeting that all into my daily calories. So, a raisin for breakfast and a lettuce leaf for lunch. :)

Zzz...not much in the mood to write anything else, really. Bek's been sick for what seems like forever and I'm exhausted from the round-the-clock neediness (although secretly pleased that when my kids are sick, only mommy will do!). I've missed so much Zumba (sick kids not welcome in Y childcare room, which is ironic since that's probably where she picked up the damn germs in the first place) that I don't think my hips will ever move the same. :)

So, goodnight for now. I'll try to get back on some kind of writing schedule when I'm getting regular sleep.

Oh, and hey! There's a highlighting bleachout kit in my possession, with my name on it. I've never tried highlighting my own hair. Should be fun! ...or, something... Anyway I'll post pictures.
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