Sunday, April 08, 2007

me and valerie bertinelli

<---See that? That's the cover of this week's People magazine. As soon as I saw it I bought it, because of that cover there. On that cover there, Valerie Bertinelli (who I loved as Sydney on that show I can't remember the name of but could look up in the article but am too lazy to do so I won't) says she's fat and, as the new Jenny Craig spokeswoman, vows to lose thirty pounds.

Holy run-on sentences!

Anyway, the article caught my attention because like me, VB is 5-foot-2 and, like me, she is a size 14 and, like me, she is going to try to get skinny again. So I'm going to be following her story through the inevitable commercials and articles and use that as my inspiration.

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