Friday, March 09, 2007

not feeling good

For the first time in, like, three months I missed Zumba class today.

I couldn't help it; I'm sick. :p

Hey did I get to tell you about last week's class? Because I know it's the highlight of your week to find out what I did in Zumba class, right?! Well last friday my Y had a fundraiser for Reach Out for Youth, the thing they have to help out families who can't afford Y memberships and stuff. The fundraiser was, raise a certain amount for ROfY and the men who work at our branch of the Y would do Zumba.

See, it's funny. Cuz up til then there had never been a single guy in any of the classes.

So I got there a minute or two late, as usual, and the place was packed. Wall-to-wall people. There were tons of people on the floor who looked like they belonged there. You know, they were wearing clothes that you'd expect to sweat in and they all had water bottles. Then there were a bunch of people in street clothes lining the walls, watching the class.

I'm sorry, let me repeat that: there were people ***WATCHING*** my Zumba class. For, like, entertainment.

I had no problem with the idea of the fundraiser. I thought it sounded pretty fun. Hey, I like to see a big macho guy dance latin-style and have fun like the rest of us. I even donated to the cause (a whopping's all I had on me after buying my water). But if I had thought far enough into it to realize there would be people watching?! Nuh-uh. I'm glad we're here to entertain you people, but this is my workout.

Anyway it turned out to be pretty fun. The guys were hilarious to watch. And if it raised money for some kids to go to summer camp or for some families to get active at the gym together then my embarassment (I flatter myself of course; no one was looking at me, they were all watching the guys) was worth it. :) Hee.
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