Thursday, March 29, 2007

i missed you!

Well it's been a fun, fun couple of weeks. I'll spare you the nasty details and just say that the I.N.N. household has been sick.


But! We're better now and back to our regularly scheduled life, and now that it's nice outside I'm glad to report that life now includes regular trips to the park. It's about stinkin time too; I was gettin a little stir-crazy there.

So anyway, being sick helped me out with the whole fat thing. I've been too nauseous to eat so I'm holding steady at 175, whereas the last time I checked in I was bouncing up and down between 175 and 179. Ew! I guess whatever works...but I'm happy to be eating again. It's no fun being stuck in the house because you're afraid you'll end up urking in the nearest public restroom. Or trashcan. Or tree.

Hey, guess what!! My Y is adding another Zumba class, yay! So now I'll be boring regaling you with tales of my crazy Zumba moves every Monday AND Friday morning! T's moving to Monday morning and another lady is starting to teach the Friday class. If it's who I think it is, I'm a little nervous because I don't really like her...but I'll still go because I love it so freakin much. Possibly more than one person should love an aerobics class. :) I'm so excited for Monday, the first Monday class, because I haven't been to a Zumba class in like a month and it's like taking away caffeine. Or chocolate. Or late-night blogging sessions.

Ooh, hey, you know what I had to eat last night? A friend and I went out for Thai food. We checked out this place I'd never been before called Sweet Lemons and it was soooo yummy. Seriously, they make brown rice taste like manna from heaven. It was so good. Highly recommended. I drank too much, which was a little embarrasssing because it was the first time this girl, a new friend, and I have been out without husbands or kids or anything and I probably should have gone a little easier on the alcohol, but seriously, who thought one glass of wine would send me into the land of embarassing anecdotes and over-enthusiasm so easily? Fortunately L was right there with me and we could joke about what incredible lightweights we both were. ;)

Ugh, man. I gotta go to bed. Ooh but hey, I have to post pictures soon! Because, while my weight seems to be happy-sunshine right where it is? My clothes fit great! Woot! So hopefully if I post pics you'll be able to see a difference.
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