Sunday, February 25, 2007

break week

Finally, some time to sneak in a little blogging!

This week has been family vacation--the kids are home from school, I'm off work, hubby's off work. And hubby doesn't like it when I take time out from family to blog. I mean, hello! He obviously doesn't get it. :)

Anyway I took my sister to Zumba on friday. She used to teach it back at her old gym. I was so excited to take her so she could get all excited and decide she had to come zumba with me every friday.

She was all disappointed! She was like, "Oh, this is so different from when I did it." Then she started saying things like, "low intensity" and "bad cooldown" and "that's a Spanish birthday song she's playing" (Not sure what I was thinking, bringing a Spanish teacher to my Zumba class).

I got all defensive, of course.

"Well, those routines she's doing? They are, like, straight out of the Zumba DVDs. You know, the ones with Beto [guy who started Zumba] in them?! Yeah, and she gets all the new routines from the company! And maybe they're 'low intensity' for you because you don't know the moves and if you did you'd put more into them!"

Because seriously? These "low intensity" classes she's talking about seriously kick my butt every week. :)

Haha, anyway we had a good laugh about the song T plays for our cooldown. I promised my sister I'd tell T that it's a Spanish kids' birthday song and that the hispanics in the class (you know, the whole one single non-white person in my entire class and probably my entire town I tell you it is bizarre how white my town is and makes me want to ship my family back to the town we grew up in but anyway!) were probably wondering whose birthday it was.

OK, the fam is out at their respective Sunday-night church classes and since I'm usually working right now and never go to a Sunday-night church class I get to hit the gym. Yay!

...Hm...not sure when that became a "Yay!". ;)
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