Thursday, February 15, 2007


My five-day exercise streak ended yesterday. I'm not ashamed though, for two reasons:
  1. Big, bad, icy nasty storm! I couldn't get to the gym, I couldn't get outside, I couldn't get out of bed...hehe OK I did get out of bed but you know those days when all you want to do is just vegetate in bed with some cocoa and a book?
  2. Valentine's day!!! Normally on days when I can't get to the gym or on an exercise video during the day I head out to the gym at night but I couldn't leave my hubby, my favoritest valentine! :) We had a very nice night in. Put the girls in to be early. Watched TV. Snuggled. :)

So my streak is over, but I will be back at the gym tonight. Provided I can get my car out of the driveway.

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