Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 days and counting

Yesterday I went to the gym and I tried to jog on the treadmill--I really did!--but my treadmill was in a sunny spot by the windows and the sun was coming through and it was hot! so all I could do was walk. But I walked fast! :)

By the time hubby came home last night I was pretty much fed up with the kids and the house and the cold weather so I said "C'mon! We're going to Friendly's for dinner!" so we did and I had a ginormous salad with buffalo chicken and a humongous brownie sundae with oreo cookie ice cream and peanut butter AND caramel topping.

It was fabulous.

But so I'm thinking. Since I've been working out I've been super duper hungry (y'think?!) so I think maybe I'm going to finish up whatever Slim-Fast I have left and maybe go on over to South Beach. I really think I need the additional food. I'm starving all the time! Like, last night, after I ate all that, I wasn't even full! And the other day I went out after work with a couple of girlfriends and we had drinks and dinner, and after I ate my fish and veggies and a dessert I started looking at my girlfriend's leftover hamburger! I can't usually put away so much food without even thinking about it, so I can only surmise that I need to eat some more during the day.

I'm scared though, that once I start eating food again I'll explode and gain weight.

But I guess that's why I'm working out, right?

Eeeee, I'm scared.

But I love working out and I love eating so it should work out.

Oh, I haven't posted my weight lately! I'm hoping to pick up a body fat scale soon, yay! I'm definitely curious to see how much of my body is fat. 50%? 75? Yikes. But anyway hubby took our scale downstairs and ever since he moved it I've gotten different weights on it (which, do I need to say it? are higher than the ones I get upstairs) so I don't like it anymore. :)

Hey, I'm still losing inches! The other day I measured my thigh and was like, hey! I went up an inch?! Then I re-checked my notes and realized that, hellooo! I was down an inch so woot (trying very hard not to remind myself that, while my thigh is smaller than it used to be, one of my thighs is still the size of some girls' waists.)! I'm all happy. I seem to be losing serious leg inches. It's just my gut that refuses to go anywhere, which, after 3 kids is somewhat understandable (I guess) but very frustrating. Especially when I try on my old size 10 pants and pull them up up up and they fit fit fit untilllll... I try to button them. :) Sighh...

In the words of Dory, the great sage from Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."
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