Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kashi frozen entree

I'm sitting here, typing to you wearing a pair of pants that hasn't fit me in...well, a while. I'm not sure why, because my weight is all over the place and when I measure myself I'm pretty sure I'm not measuring in the same spot every time but hey, these pants fit and that makes me happy.

But that's not what I wanted to write about today.

The other thing I'm doing right now is eating lunch. I know, you're not supposed to eat while you're doing other stuff. You should be mindful of your food and all that and if there's anyone who knows that it's me because I am the queen of saying, "Did I just eat that whole thing?!" But I couldn't help but tell you about this stuff I'm eating!

It's Kashi's Lemongrass Coconut Chicken frozen entree and it's fabulous. I mean, it tastes wholesome and filling and the texture is perfect and ...just, yum.

At 300 calories and 8g of fat (4g saturated fat) it's not exactly what you might call diet food. But the serving is perfectly sized--c'mon, you know those Lean Cuisines, no matter how yummy (mmm chicken club panini), don't fill you up right?--and the fiber (7g) and protein (18g) will keep me full until I go to my girlfriend's house for dinner tonight.

Which is good, because she's serving pizza.

I love pizza.


*wipe drool*


I tried a sample of the Kashi entrees at Costco when they carried them and it was supahnasty so I don't know what they did to it because last night when I went grocery shopping I checked them out again and man did they sound good (Pesto Pasta Primavera [which I love saying, by the way]! Black Bean Mango! Lime Cilantro Shrimp! Lemon Rosemary Chicken!) so I bought a few (by the way, buy them for $3 at Wal-Mart, not $7 at the supermarket, fer cryin out loud) and then I got really hungry for lunch (maybe because I skipped breakfast, maybe because my milk turned sour so I couldn't eat my yummy yummy flaxseed cereal which is a-whole-nother product review) so I decided to pop one of the entrees in the microwave and wow!

It's that good people.

On a completely different note: upon hearing that I was headed to the gym and wouldn't be home for approximately 2 hours, my dearest hubby said I am "working out too much".

The huh?!

45-60 minutes on the arc trainer and however-long-it-takes-me on 6 or 8 nautilus machines is not too much, is it?

He said something about how often I'd been going. I've been going 4 or 5 times a week: one or two of those is a Zumba class and the others are the cardio/nautilus mix. What do you think? Because me, I'm gonna say whatever gets me thin and in shape is not too much but I don't want to go hurting myself (or hindering my progress) in the process, y'know?

I'd appreciate your input.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

break week

Finally, some time to sneak in a little blogging!

This week has been family vacation--the kids are home from school, I'm off work, hubby's off work. And hubby doesn't like it when I take time out from family to blog. I mean, hello! He obviously doesn't get it. :)

Anyway I took my sister to Zumba on friday. She used to teach it back at her old gym. I was so excited to take her so she could get all excited and decide she had to come zumba with me every friday.

She was all disappointed! She was like, "Oh, this is so different from when I did it." Then she started saying things like, "low intensity" and "bad cooldown" and "that's a Spanish birthday song she's playing" (Not sure what I was thinking, bringing a Spanish teacher to my Zumba class).

I got all defensive, of course.

"Well, those routines she's doing? They are, like, straight out of the Zumba DVDs. You know, the ones with Beto [guy who started Zumba] in them?! Yeah, and she gets all the new routines from the company! And maybe they're 'low intensity' for you because you don't know the moves and if you did you'd put more into them!"

Because seriously? These "low intensity" classes she's talking about seriously kick my butt every week. :)

Haha, anyway we had a good laugh about the song T plays for our cooldown. I promised my sister I'd tell T that it's a Spanish kids' birthday song and that the hispanics in the class (you know, the whole one single non-white person in my entire class and probably my entire town I tell you it is bizarre how white my town is and makes me want to ship my family back to the town we grew up in but anyway!) were probably wondering whose birthday it was.

OK, the fam is out at their respective Sunday-night church classes and since I'm usually working right now and never go to a Sunday-night church class I get to hit the gym. Yay!

...Hm...not sure when that became a "Yay!". ;)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hey guess what!

I'm totally off my diet and up about 6 pounds! Go me!

Anyway, that's not what I want to write about. I want to write about aerobics classes and the art of choosing your spot.

You know what I mean. You go to aerobics class for the first time right as the class starts, only to have to fight for a spot. So the next time you get there early. And that's where the population splits into two types: the people who get in front so they can see the instructor, and the people who get way in the back because they're afraid they're going to look stupid.

After a while you don't have to show up so early because you've established your spot. Everyone knows where you go (because everyone goes to their own same spot every time, it's like human nature or pack thinking or something) and they stay out of your spot.

Then, as you continue to go and you start to figure out what the heck you're doing, you have to renegotiate your spot. You don't want to be in front because you don't want to block anyone's view, but you don't want to be in back because, y'know, you've got th' moves now and everyone should be witness to your awesomeness. And you figure someone who can't see the instructor very well could turn to you for help.

So you have to get in there early again, so that you can pick out the prime middle position. Chances are it's already taken by someone so you wait for her to show up. She'll come in closer to when the class actually starts, having established that as her spot. But now that you're there, someone's going to have to step up and someone's going to have to back down.

She shows up and sees you're in her spot so she gets as close to you as possible without actually looking like she's trying to be possessive, because, y'know, just because we all have our own Spot-with-a-capital-S doesn't mean we'd be so petty as to mention it. She puts her water bottle in front of her, kind of off to the side nearest you. Maybe she even smiles at you, the kind of smile and head nod that acknowledges that you both come to the class every week.

Then as the class starts and you're working up a sweat, she kind of horns in on you. Her side-to-side movements take her only a little to the opposite side, then waaay in on your side. So now you have to either give or fight back. The two of you go back and forth like this until eventually the weaker one gives up the prime real estate and backs down. Is it you? Is it her?

Maybe I'll take a video camera to Zumba class tonight. Seriously! I don't usually get to go on Tuesday nights, and the footage might make a good pitch to Discovery Channel or something. "Discovering Dance Aerobics; the last frontier" or something.


Friday, February 16, 2007

zumba friday

I was all excited to get to Zumba class today, and I wanted to make sure my car would make it out of the driveway (thanks to all the ice from this week's storm, being stuck in one's driveway is a distinct possibility) so I got up an hour earlier than usual and got all the kids dressed and into the car and to the bus stop and to the Y and into their respective childwatch rooms at least 10 minutes early. And it paid off cuz there was plenty of room, whereas most Friday mornings find me running in five minutes after class has started, pushing my way into a spot at the back of the class.

Oh, and speaking of my spot in the class, guess what!?!!/!??!/1?

My girlfriend T, who teaches the class, told me she wanted me up front because I can move.


*side note: My baby has this cute new thing she does when she's excited or upset or at any other sudden onset of emotion: she tucks her little fists up under her chin. That might be what I did just then. :)

So I was in front for today, which felt pretty good for the most part, because I know most of the routines by heart. (Which just might be because I put on the music and practice while I'm washing dishes. And putting away go-backs at work. Just maybe.) But it made me feel all double-stupid when I'd misstep, or slip on the gym floor. Hee. That's OK though, I know God's just tryin to keep me humble. It's an ongoing struggle, that. :)

Oh, but now? I'm all sore and stuff! I went to pick up the kids from their rooms and in each room they asked if I was picking up or if I was just checking in before going upstairs (to do weights) and I was like, "OH noes, just picking up." Last week I did go upstairs to do weights after Zumba and paid dearly at work the next day. I'm pretty sure all my coworkers wanted to kill me, listening to me whine about how dead I was.

Oh, and will someone please tell me why, after working out, I just want to take a four-hour nap?! I thought working out was supposed to be invigorating! Something tells me it's cuz I've been eating so crappily--you know, not "feuling my workout". (Hm, y'think?!)

I have to (HAVE TO have to have to) stop this 2-week binge I've been on. Seriously, I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. Do I like feeling like crap? Let me answer that. No! I like the way I feel when I'm eating right and exercising. So why on earth is it so hard to continue doing the right things when I know that will make me feel so much better, for so much longer than the momentary deliciousness of some gooey chocolate thing?!


I'm not even going to tell you what I weigh right now, because I know it's all water weight my body's retaining in retaliation for all the salt and sugar and stuff I've been ingesting.

Ask me in a week.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


My five-day exercise streak ended yesterday. I'm not ashamed though, for two reasons:
  1. Big, bad, icy nasty storm! I couldn't get to the gym, I couldn't get outside, I couldn't get out of bed...hehe OK I did get out of bed but you know those days when all you want to do is just vegetate in bed with some cocoa and a book?
  2. Valentine's day!!! Normally on days when I can't get to the gym or on an exercise video during the day I head out to the gym at night but I couldn't leave my hubby, my favoritest valentine! :) We had a very nice night in. Put the girls in to be early. Watched TV. Snuggled. :)

So my streak is over, but I will be back at the gym tonight. Provided I can get my car out of the driveway.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 days and counting

Yesterday I went to the gym and I tried to jog on the treadmill--I really did!--but my treadmill was in a sunny spot by the windows and the sun was coming through and it was hot! so all I could do was walk. But I walked fast! :)

By the time hubby came home last night I was pretty much fed up with the kids and the house and the cold weather so I said "C'mon! We're going to Friendly's for dinner!" so we did and I had a ginormous salad with buffalo chicken and a humongous brownie sundae with oreo cookie ice cream and peanut butter AND caramel topping.

It was fabulous.

But so I'm thinking. Since I've been working out I've been super duper hungry (y'think?!) so I think maybe I'm going to finish up whatever Slim-Fast I have left and maybe go on over to South Beach. I really think I need the additional food. I'm starving all the time! Like, last night, after I ate all that, I wasn't even full! And the other day I went out after work with a couple of girlfriends and we had drinks and dinner, and after I ate my fish and veggies and a dessert I started looking at my girlfriend's leftover hamburger! I can't usually put away so much food without even thinking about it, so I can only surmise that I need to eat some more during the day.

I'm scared though, that once I start eating food again I'll explode and gain weight.

But I guess that's why I'm working out, right?

Eeeee, I'm scared.

But I love working out and I love eating so it should work out.

Oh, I haven't posted my weight lately! I'm hoping to pick up a body fat scale soon, yay! I'm definitely curious to see how much of my body is fat. 50%? 75? Yikes. But anyway hubby took our scale downstairs and ever since he moved it I've gotten different weights on it (which, do I need to say it? are higher than the ones I get upstairs) so I don't like it anymore. :)

Hey, I'm still losing inches! The other day I measured my thigh and was like, hey! I went up an inch?! Then I re-checked my notes and realized that, hellooo! I was down an inch so woot (trying very hard not to remind myself that, while my thigh is smaller than it used to be, one of my thighs is still the size of some girls' waists.)! I'm all happy. I seem to be losing serious leg inches. It's just my gut that refuses to go anywhere, which, after 3 kids is somewhat understandable (I guess) but very frustrating. Especially when I try on my old size 10 pants and pull them up up up and they fit fit fit untilllll... I try to button them. :) Sighh...

In the words of Dory, the great sage from Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Monday, February 12, 2007

Haha! I just accidently posted this in my normal blog too. So here it is again:

Go me! I have been to the gym, working out hard, for the last three days. Today will make four days in a row. Yay!

The only thing is...I hurt! All weekend I moaned around work like a lame-ass going "Ow. Ow! Oahhh. Wahhh. Ohh. Oww! Oh."

I'm pretty sure everyone there wanted to put me out of my misery.

I swear, I stretched and everything! That's what hubby asks me every time I complain about being sore. "Did you stretch?" And I say, "No," just like that, all condescending because why am I going to take the time out to actually stretch?! But this time I really did and I still hurt everywhere! Why the hell am I going to keep working out if it makes me feel like this afterwards?!

But the good news is I'm really proud of how hard I've been working. I've been, like, jogging and stuff. (Note to self: buy better jogging bra.)

There is a girl at work who is studying sports therapy and I keep bugging her with questions. "Why am I sore? Why does this hurt? What's this? What's that? Blah blah blah?!" I'm pretty sure she's going to start charging me by the hour.

Now if only I can keep this up.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

love myself better than you

So...after (lemme count here) one...two...well, several days of pigout mode, I hereby officially re-commit myself to losing weight and being healthy and all that jazz.

Starting tomorrow.

Hm? What happened to "If not now, when?" Well, that's still my motto, but, see, there is this bag of Hershey's cherry cordial kisses in the pantry, and spinach-and-cheese pizza in the freezer, and yummy wine that tastes like blackberries, and... and... American Idol to watch, and...

Tomorrow. I swear. I'll come update for y'all by noon at the latest, OK? And it will be an update of the slim-fast-and-gym-workout variety, as opposed to the pigged-out-again variety you've gotten lately. ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I did stuff yesterday that I don't do very often anymore. Things that, if I continue doing them, are going to keep me right where I am with my weight loss and make me very disappointed in myself. So here I am, flashing the internets with my terrible food-sins so you all can know what I have done. ;)

  1. I pretty much pigged out all day yesterday, popping cookies like vitamins. I don't even know why I bought the stinkin things. Oh, wait, that's right. They were for the kids lunches. Riiiight.
  2. I told myself all day that, since I didn't have to work last night, I was going to get myself to the gym for a couple hours' worth of cardio and weight training, to make up for the week or so I haven't been. Hubby came home, we had dinner, we curled up on the bed and watched a movie, then we put the kids to bed and then hubby and I, um..."went to bed". Fun, yes. Needed every once in a while, yes. But I really needed some exercise and I just excused it away.
  3. For some reason I ate so much at dinner that I was stuffed to the point of hurting. I never do that anymore! Then we had leftover birthday cake which I didn't even want but ate anyway.
  4. Then, and this is the worst part, after I tucked hubby in bed I went back downstairs to watch American Idol and cooked myself a big ol' pizza and somehow, between crying over American Idol auditions (seriously, like that guy whose wife died two days before audition day?) and painting my toenails, ate the whole freakin thing.

I am so disgusted with myself. I was so stuffed by the time I went back to bed that I couldn't even get comfortable enough to sleep. Hubby kept throwing his arm around me and I finally had to tell him I couldn't sleep like that cuz I was too full. I can't imagine what he thought when he got up this morning and there was a pizza cutter in the sink. ("Huh? But we didn't have pizza last night...?")

Sigh....stupid stupidstupid.

But the best thing about it all is today is another day. I'm going to draw my little motto on my arm so any time I reach for some gross nasty thing or another I'll see it.