Tuesday, January 02, 2007

zumba hey!

So I was all excited about the new Zumba class that started at the Y a few towns over.

"Yay!" said I. "Now I can zumba my butt off twice a week!"

So I went. I got there super late because the class was at 9, Jo gets on the bus at 8:40, and I woke up at 8:20. Not good math.

So I got there at 9:25 (shh, at least I was there) and went to the back of the class. No! I was not shamed for being late (because I pretended I'd just came back from the water bubbler)! I just figured, you know, I've been doing this for a while and these people haven't so I'll let them get a good view. Plus I didn't want anyone fitter and musclier than me to fight me for a spot. :)

So I got there and one of my favorite songs comes on and I start to jam to the beat thinking I know what moves are coming and?! Nothing! I mean, we did do something but it was really...lame!

The whole class (you know, the part I was there for anyway) ended up being like, Zumba for Old People. It was awful! It wasn't even a workout!

So I'm thinkin I'll give the instructor a few weeks to get her act together and go back, see how she's doin.

But in the meantime I am SO thinking, "I could DO this!"

I could teach Zumba!!

No, really! I was already in the back of the class doing all my favorite moves. Why not get up in front of the class and teach everyone else, and get paid for it!

It's something I'm definitely going to look into. I'm not thrilled about the idea of getting up in front of really skinny girls teaching them how to exercise but I just might get over that. We'll see. Plus the workshop is like $200 or something. Hmm...
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