Friday, January 05, 2007

well rested

Haha, see what I did there? I named this post well rested even though I'm not, see, it's funny.

So I stayed up til 5 o'clock in the morning bidding on mp3 players and ended up getting one for $42. That's more than I wanted to pay but still pretty cheap. My thinking was that as the morning went on, people would have to go to sleep eventually (right?!) and the bidding would stay low but that didn't pan out so much. ;) Anyway here it is:

You know, I really hope I didn't get ripped off. I hate buying on ebay. I would much rather pay more to know it's coming from a bona fide website with customer service should something go wrong. But hubby is a big fan of getting things cheaper and I can't really knock that, so here goes. We've bought (and sold) plenty of stuff on ebay and never really had a problem but I'm always worried that this will be the bad one. :)

I'm looking forward to loading it up with tons of workout music for when I'm on the arc trainer at the Y. A couple of my favorite bloggers posted about that very thing, providing me with lots of ideas to mooch off of use.

OK, off to zumba class. I haven't had breakfast; it will have to wait til after unless I grab, like, a cheese stick. I promise it won't be chocolate! ;)

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