Wednesday, January 24, 2007

so far

Last night I went to the Tuesday night Zumba class (as opposed to my usual Friday morning) since I was home and hadn't gotten to the gym all day. Or, y'know, the day or two before that.

It was in the little studio instead of the nice roomy gym, and man was it packed. The next time you want to try an aerobics class in 2 square inches of space head on over to my Tuesday night Zumba class.

Another interesting (read Scary!! Very scary!!) aspect of this class is because it's in the studio you can watch yourself in the big wall mirror.

Me: Wow! I really am fat! And I don't look as good doing this stuff as I thought! Wow, how eyeopening!

And to make matters worse there were these totally hot chicks in front of me who had everything: the cute little bodies, the cute clothes (I want purple pants!!) and totally had the moves down cold.

I got through the class though, and without stopping a single time to catch my breath or nurse a stitch. So, y'know, that was good. And the class was full of young, fun people instead of the middle-aged SAHMs or cute little retired ladies that fill the Friday AM class. There was hooting and whooping and noise and I guess I'll probably be back. :)

The whole way home I somehow managed to simultaneously congratulate myself on getting through the class full of energy and berate myself for letting myself get so fat and cry about how very far I have to go. When I got home I went straight into a shower and then watched American Idol with hubby (I promised him a backrub if he'd watch with me. He won't admit it but he actually enjoyed watching. Shh.) while drinking some sparkly pomegrante-flavored water instead of my usual pre-bed, snuggle-time hot cocoa. So I guess that was OK--I didn't submerge my sorrows in the chocolate-hazelnut gelato in the freezer or anything. And today Bek fell asleep before I could get to the Y so I did a weight-training tape here at home.

I just...grr. I just have so far to go.

And I need to change the mirror in my bathroom. That skinny mirror is not doing me any favors because then I just get a shock when I walk past a normal mirror and don't even recognize myself.

But! I stepped on the scale today and it said 174 so I can change my little banner up top there. Yay!
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