Wednesday, January 31, 2007

the scale is my friend

So, I was down to 172 this week. I say "was" because today, thanks to a general feeling of bloatiness, I'm at 173. So of course I'm counting the 172 as this week's weigh-in. :)

Haven't been to the gym in about a week, thanks in part to Bek's cold. I plan on going tonight, with no kids, after dinner. Just me, my mp3 player, and my beloved arc trainer. Maybe some weights if I'm feeling crazy. Gotta get back on my streak.

Nothing much to write about. I'm not feeling so good so I might not check in for a few days. All I wanna do is curl up in bed with some tea but as you mommies know, Mommy takes care of everyone. When Mommy is sick there's no one to take care of her. *sigh* ;) [/martyr's rant]
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