Monday, January 01, 2007


So...resolutions. I never make 'em. But this year I have a lot of stuff on my mind that I need to change. So here goes--my resolution list of 2007:
  1. No more junk food. I'm addicted. Some people are alcoholics and can never have another drink. Some people are hooked on cigarettes and can never have another smoke. My drug of choice is junk food and I am done with it. Done with it! I heard this funny quote on this resolutions show I watched last night: If you don't put it in, you don't have to take it out! Amen to that! ;)
  2. Prayer and quiet time, every single day. This is my first priority because every aspect of my life improves when I am right with God. So pretend like I put this in the number one spot. That just shows how much of a priority it's been for me lately! :P
  3. Take better care of myself; floss. Call the doctor, the chiropracter, the dentist, the dermatologist. Make those appointments I've been avoiding because I'm afraid of what will come of them. Jeez, what if I died of, like, skin cancer and my ephithet was "If only she'd gotten that mole checked out"?! Gah.
  4. Follow the schedule that is hanging on my fridge and that tells me when to clean, when to play, when to work, when to go to bed, when to exercise. I am so scatterbrained that I start one thing, think of something else I have to do, start that...until I go to bed exhausted but with nothing done. Schedules are a flake's best friend.
  5. Make an effort to be connected to family, friends, everybody. I never call anyone and six months later we finally talk and I am so ashamed when I realize how long it's been since I picked up the damn phone.
  6. Blog every day since it helps me be accountable with my eating, exercising, and all the other resolutions. This will be easier when the part I need for my laptop comes in, whee!
  7. Exercise every day! I am so excited--there is a new Zumba class starting at the Y a couple of towns over so now I get to go twice a week,once at my Y and once at that one. Yay! Abs are hurting and it feels so good! Legs are burning and it feels so goood! ;)
  8. Learn to play my guitar. You know, the one that has been sitting in my closet since I got it for Christmas...two years ago. I don't know how I'll learn--I have no money or time for lessons--but I'm going to learn.

There are plenty more things I need to work on but this will do for now.

Oh, the show I watched last night? It was called resolutionaries or something like that and it featured three people with three coaches, each dedicated to the same resolution. I watched shows on losing weight, getting organized, and quitting smoking, and I came away with some good ideas from each show. Plus before I knew it? It was midnight! And I thought I wouldn't be able to stay up so late.

Man, I'm so old. Hehe.

Do you all have resolutions? What are they?

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