Friday, January 05, 2007


Sigh...this is me--about 25 pounds ago. I still had 20lbs to lose but I would kill to be there now. Let's see what else I can find in the computer archives...bear with me because back then all we had was a 35mm camera and the results aren't pretty. ;)

Here is me skinny with cleavage. ;) That's Devy with me. We were at King Richard's Faire and yes, I am dorky enough to have my own costume.

Just not one that fits at this time. ;)
So there you have some pictures of me skinny. After Bek's nap I'll try to scan some really old pictures of me PK--that's pre-kids for you uninitiated. :) *edited to add: check out my photostream at flickr!

By the way, had a great time at Zumba, although I was 20!! minutes late (gah, I hate being late) and I think my lack of sleep took its toll on my energy (y'think?!) and I need to get some decent zumba-ing shoes before I totally twist the bottom half of my leg out of my knee socket. But hey, I sweated and that's what really matters. ;)

***edited again to add:***
OK so I just went and took some pictures of myself. I'm warning you: they're not pretty. There is fat. And stretchmarks. And general yuckiness like that.
Still with me? OK, here am I, 5'2" and 178lbs:

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