Friday, January 26, 2007

i'm almost too afraid to hope this is might be right but...

In the last two weeks or so since I first measured I have lost:
  • two inches in my chest (always the first to go, am I right?)
  • two inches in my waist
  • one inch in my hips
  • and one inch in my thighs

The one place I actually gained an inch was my upper arms, which I'm hoping is from muscle. But man! Does that not rock?!

I'm afraid to put too much stock in it because I'm always wondering if I'm measuring in the same spot every time. I think maybe I'll get tattoos--a ring around my upper arm, a ring around my thigh, and a ring around my waist and hips and then I'll just set up the tape measure right around the tattoo. :)

But wow, that definitely is motivating. Maybe I'll actually fit in a workout today instead of relying on pushing carts of heavy returns around the store (hey don't tell me it's not a workout--my bum is killing me today thankyouverymuch).

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