Thursday, January 04, 2007

did you get that memo?

Memo: me
Re: new years' resolutions

This is just a memo reminding you of the new years resolutions made on new year's eve. In light of certain recent events it is evident that you need reminding of a couple of them so here they are again:
  1. No More Junk Food. That means, no picking up a bag of Ghiradelli's Holiday Assortment, even if you promise yourself you will only eat one a day, and only if you have spent the rest of the day eating healthy and exercising. It also means no more Green & Blacks chocolate bars. I don't care if it's the best chocolate you've ever had. I don't care if it does have espresso beans or mexican spices or even if it's organic and helps poor people in Argentina feed their families. We don't need it right now. Chocolate, in all its forms, is dead to us.
  2. Exercise Every Day. That means every. day. Even when you don't have a class to go to or a class to take the girls to. And if the girls are too sick to leave in the childwatch room at the Y then that means you have to get your big butt up early to do a Tae Bo video or something before they wake up. No excuses. Oh, and sex, while fun and occasionally athletic, does not count as your daily exercise. Unless you want to kill our husband in the process which, while he might not mind that method of shuffling off, would leave you to raise your children alone.
  3. Blog every day. I know it can be hard to get this time in because of our precious broken laptop but if you have to put of Bek's nap for a few minutes to get in a post then do it. She'll live, and she likes to watch you type. This is keeping us accountable for what we eat and do and stuff, so get with it!

Now, I understand that you have a big date with the hubby this weekend and it will be hard to follow these things but if you allow the excuses in they will take over so suck it up and do what you're supposed to!

*Oh yeah, I promised pictures a while back didn't I? The batteries in our camera are dead (which wouldn't be a problem if I got the camera I wanted for Christmas but whatever). So, soon. I promise! ;)


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