Friday, May 12, 2006


sorry to say, i had a bit of a binge today. don't know what brought it on. i started the day well enough, with an omelet and turkey bacon and toast and then i went to the gym. then on the way home from the gym d and i stopped at the store and she wanted m&ms so i got her a bag, then one for big sis, then one for dad...wait a minute, its the same price for all those as it is for a big giant one-pound bag! so that's what we got. then i had a couple of m&ms, then a few more, then a few more and a cookie, then a couple more cookies, then ice cream with cookies crushed into it, then another bowl, then two lean cuisine panini sandwiches...

soooo...back to the gym tomorrow, doubletime.

hey does anyone out there use skype? is it any good? i'm checking out the website, trying to find out if it's worth downloading for a trial.
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