Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just a quickie

ok just a quick post before bed. i know, i know, you thought it was something good. anyway...

the last two days were bad for me, nutritionally, although i did manage to stay under 2000 calories both days, somehow. yesterday there were little brownie bites available at work and i told myself i could have just one...then just two...then well i had four. they were SO good though! and i had scarcely eaten the rest of the day.

this morning i worked off the brownies on the arc trainer, then proceeded to eat my way through the junk food buffet at my baby shower. there were these amazing brownies that had marshmallow in them, so good! fortunately i had had just a smoothie and a salad the rest of the day so i was still ok. going back to the gym tomorrow though, to work everything off. juuust in case i miscalculated. :)
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