Monday, May 08, 2006

i so totally rock!

go me, go me! as of yesterday, my weigh-in day, i weigh 169.5 lbs. that's down 5 lbs from a week ago! yayyy! and it hasn't even been that hard! of course i know it isn't all fat--after all, i would have had to burn roughly 17,500 calories above what i take in to burn 5 pounds of fat, but i'll take what i can get! :) it's great motivation to keep going.

yesterday hubby and i went on a duck tour through boston. we've lived in the area all our lives so when hubby won 2 tickets to his professional association's social, including the tour and the union oyster house (oldest restaurant in the country, doncha know!) we were kinda like, ok, this is really touristy, but hey it's free so we'll go.

so wouldn't you know it, it was actually pretty fun! the tour guide was a fast-talking, very knowledgeable, very funny guy who was very adept at driving the huge duck boat though the streets of boston. i highly recommend the tour--and try to get on jailbird george's tour. he's in the rainbow boat. :)

dinner at the union oyster house was great. i'm not a huge seafood kinda girl so i was a little worried but the salmon was cooked to perfection! (i say that like i just eat salmon every week. ha!) the clam chowder (or chowda if you live here) was the best i've ever tasted and the corn bread was so good and the apple crisp...

what's that you say? wasn't i concerned about gaining back all that ugly poundage i just lost? not so! i just ate a little of everything and stopped after i was full. you know, after the first few bites your mouth gets desensitized to the taste--that's a good way to know when you've had enough! but man, it was great food. definitely lived up to the review i saw on food network. :)

hey, i have to tell you about my underwear! lol i know, that might scare you, but really! have you ladies out there ever seen the hanes commercials with jennifer love hewitt (hey i have a girlfriend with that last name; i wonder if they're related...) where she's wearing the girly boxer briefs? well lemme tell ya, they're super comfy! they stay where they're supposed to! and they're cute to just lounge around in! :) you can get them at but i got mine at target. i think i've gotta get about a dozen more pairs though. :)
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