Tuesday, May 02, 2006

carbs and protein and fat, oh my!

ok so i'm recording everything i eat or drink in so i can tell you all about it and so i can finally find out just what i'm consuming in a day. i went online and found a great article about breastfeeding and dieting. it says to consume between 1800-2000 calories a day, and for those calories to be split up into 45-65% carbohydrate, 10-35%protein, and 20-35% fat.

can i just tell you that when you are trying to eat healthfully, it's actually hard to get enough calories? and in the right categories? i just downed two huge glasses of milk to get the percentages right and to get at least near the calories i need. anyway here's what i ate today.

nutragrain whole wheat frozen waffle with peanut butter
half a pear (can't eat the last pear without sharing it with miss d!)
coffee with coffeemate (the coffeemate has tons of sugar but i love love love its hazelnutty goodness.)

homemade salad with chicken, romaine, red pepper, crispy noodles (another indulgence), almond slices, mandarin orange slices, and olive oil and red wine vinegar

wendy's mandarin chicken salad

after-dinner snack:
low-sugar yogurt with dried blueberries and almond slices
two huge glasses of milk

oops babies crying. finish tomorrow.
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