Wednesday, May 17, 2006


memo, me:

don't buy the cheap chicken with the $2-off "manager's special" coupon stuck to it; it's almost certainly bad.

oh, don't even ask how the diet's going. i need OA or something.

Friday, May 12, 2006


sorry to say, i had a bit of a binge today. don't know what brought it on. i started the day well enough, with an omelet and turkey bacon and toast and then i went to the gym. then on the way home from the gym d and i stopped at the store and she wanted m&ms so i got her a bag, then one for big sis, then one for dad...wait a minute, its the same price for all those as it is for a big giant one-pound bag! so that's what we got. then i had a couple of m&ms, then a few more, then a few more and a cookie, then a couple more cookies, then ice cream with cookies crushed into it, then another bowl, then two lean cuisine panini sandwiches...

soooo...back to the gym tomorrow, doubletime.

hey does anyone out there use skype? is it any good? i'm checking out the website, trying to find out if it's worth downloading for a trial.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just a quickie

ok just a quick post before bed. i know, i know, you thought it was something good. anyway...

the last two days were bad for me, nutritionally, although i did manage to stay under 2000 calories both days, somehow. yesterday there were little brownie bites available at work and i told myself i could have just one...then just two...then well i had four. they were SO good though! and i had scarcely eaten the rest of the day.

this morning i worked off the brownies on the arc trainer, then proceeded to eat my way through the junk food buffet at my baby shower. there were these amazing brownies that had marshmallow in them, so good! fortunately i had had just a smoothie and a salad the rest of the day so i was still ok. going back to the gym tomorrow though, to work everything off. juuust in case i miscalculated. :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

i so totally rock!

go me, go me! as of yesterday, my weigh-in day, i weigh 169.5 lbs. that's down 5 lbs from a week ago! yayyy! and it hasn't even been that hard! of course i know it isn't all fat--after all, i would have had to burn roughly 17,500 calories above what i take in to burn 5 pounds of fat, but i'll take what i can get! :) it's great motivation to keep going.

yesterday hubby and i went on a duck tour through boston. we've lived in the area all our lives so when hubby won 2 tickets to his professional association's social, including the tour and the union oyster house (oldest restaurant in the country, doncha know!) we were kinda like, ok, this is really touristy, but hey it's free so we'll go.

so wouldn't you know it, it was actually pretty fun! the tour guide was a fast-talking, very knowledgeable, very funny guy who was very adept at driving the huge duck boat though the streets of boston. i highly recommend the tour--and try to get on jailbird george's tour. he's in the rainbow boat. :)

dinner at the union oyster house was great. i'm not a huge seafood kinda girl so i was a little worried but the salmon was cooked to perfection! (i say that like i just eat salmon every week. ha!) the clam chowder (or chowda if you live here) was the best i've ever tasted and the corn bread was so good and the apple crisp...

what's that you say? wasn't i concerned about gaining back all that ugly poundage i just lost? not so! i just ate a little of everything and stopped after i was full. you know, after the first few bites your mouth gets desensitized to the taste--that's a good way to know when you've had enough! but man, it was great food. definitely lived up to the review i saw on food network. :)

hey, i have to tell you about my underwear! lol i know, that might scare you, but really! have you ladies out there ever seen the hanes commercials with jennifer love hewitt (hey i have a girlfriend with that last name; i wonder if they're related...) where she's wearing the girly boxer briefs? well lemme tell ya, they're super comfy! they stay where they're supposed to! and they're cute to just lounge around in! :) you can get them at but i got mine at target. i think i've gotta get about a dozen more pairs though. :)

Friday, May 05, 2006 bed...

ugh it's eleven past eleven. i just got home from my stupid-but-necessary job and ate some salad and now, having entered all my meals for the day in fitday, i need to go to bed before i do something stupid like go eat some chocolate chips. for God's sake, why on earth do i still have these in my house? it's like i'm TRYING to do myself in!

baby had her dr.s appointment today. she had three shots. i HATE when my poor babies have to get shots! and she screamed! poor thing; this afternoon her leg swelled a little and was red and she was really warm. she woke up from her nap screaming like she's never screamed before in her short life so far. so i gave her baby tylenol (thank you God that i stopped at target on the way home!) and nursed her and rocked her and nursed her and rocked her and burped her and rocked her and FINALLY she fell asleep. i called hubby from work around 8 and he said she was still asleep! poor thing must have tuckered herself out. neither of the other girls had reactions with shots so this was a new, scary thing. on top of that, the dr. said she detected a tiny faint heart murmur (!!!) so now i'm freakin out that if she cries too hard her hearts gonna let go. jeez, who needs the stress?!

you know, i pray every day that God keeps our baby safe and healthy. of course, i pray that about all our children, but for some reason i just have a hangup about baby r. i have trouble seeing her as older, like maybe we're not going to have her for very long. i know this is the stupid neurosis of a sleep-deprived mother but it's scary anyway. it makes me just want to hold her and not let go until she turns 30. :)

anyway, can't wait to step on the scale on sunday morning. i'm not doing well at staying under 2000 calories a day, but pretty close, and i think my clothes fit better. i stress the word THINK. :) we'll see!

ok i'm off to bed.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

link to my fitday

ok you know what i realized? posting everything i eat in fitday, which i have to do in order to see calories and where they came from and all, and then coming over here and posting what i ate again is going to be a big pain in the patinka so if you want to see what i eat (if you are really that interested!) you can see it here. so there. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

carbs and protein and fat, oh my!

ok so i'm recording everything i eat or drink in so i can tell you all about it and so i can finally find out just what i'm consuming in a day. i went online and found a great article about breastfeeding and dieting. it says to consume between 1800-2000 calories a day, and for those calories to be split up into 45-65% carbohydrate, 10-35%protein, and 20-35% fat.

can i just tell you that when you are trying to eat healthfully, it's actually hard to get enough calories? and in the right categories? i just downed two huge glasses of milk to get the percentages right and to get at least near the calories i need. anyway here's what i ate today.

nutragrain whole wheat frozen waffle with peanut butter
half a pear (can't eat the last pear without sharing it with miss d!)
coffee with coffeemate (the coffeemate has tons of sugar but i love love love its hazelnutty goodness.)

homemade salad with chicken, romaine, red pepper, crispy noodles (another indulgence), almond slices, mandarin orange slices, and olive oil and red wine vinegar

wendy's mandarin chicken salad

after-dinner snack:
low-sugar yogurt with dried blueberries and almond slices
two huge glasses of milk

oops babies crying. finish tomorrow.