Wednesday, March 08, 2006

she's here!

welcome to our sweet baby girl!

we welcomed our third daughter on Friday, March 3 at 1:48 pm. she weighed 8 lb 4 oz, and was our smallest baby yet!

baby is doing very well. she nurses like a champ and sleeps the rest of the time, so i can't complain. and she's so darn cute!

the older girls adore their baby sister, although we were worried about our oldest daughter at first. she didn't want to hold or even touch the baby when she came to visit us in the hospital. i'm not sure if it was the whole baby thing, her being so tiny and all, or if it was because big sis really wanted a baby brother. anyway, things are much better now. everyone wants to hold the baby and kiss the baby...unfortunately no one is rushing to change the baby's diaper. :)

it's taking some getting used to, the fact that there really is another baby in the house, another whole person added to our family. i keep calling the poor thing by her older sister's name. i think it's cuz we just settled on a name a day or two before she was born, so i had no time for it to sink in, and now that i'm sleep deprived...well, it's just a bad combo. :) i should have her name straight by the time she's old enough to notice. i think my hubby thinks i'm crazy though.

nursing is going...well...ok, nursing kind of sucks but it's kind of nice at the same time. eventually it will stop hurting like a s.o.b. and start being just nice. i tell you, the sacrifices we moms make to make sure our children have the best possible start to life. :) just think, if i used bottles, my boobs would be pretty much back to normal by now, they wouldn't leak while i least expect it (yeah, today, walking through target, i sprouted a leak that wouldn't quit. and of course, the more you think about your boobs, the more the milk lets down and the more you leak. fun fun.), the baby would sleep longer between feedings, i'd be able to cut calories and lose weight faster...

which brings me to my next topic: skinny mirrors and my big fat rear end. and everything else.

see, my bathroom mirror is a certified skinny mirror. i get dressed, i check myself in the mirror, and i think i look pretty good. then i go out and catch a glimpse of myself in any other mirror (and the dressing rooms at target are particularly cruel) and ka-bam, i realize just how fat my assets have grown. i mean, dang! where did i hide that thing?! soooo...tomorrow i am calling the doctor to schedule a physical and ask her how to lose weight while i'm nursing so that my milk doesn't diminish or taste funny, which i heard it can when you're exercising too much.

be right back, baby's fussing.

ok so i figure that now, while exercising isn't really an option besides walking, i'll just have to make sure i make every bite count. i am at 177 as of this morning, and i'd like to get down to 120. i don't know how realistic that is but we'll see. i haven't been at 120 since my freshman year of high school. that gives me 57 lbs to lose, holy cow.

so lemme tell you about our baby's birth. we went in on friday to be induced. the night before, hubby and i had a really nice dinner out at cracker barrel, and came home and had the last sex we'll be having for a while. sad! :) then friday morning we got up really early. i couldn't sleep much the night before; i think i was up until 1am. i was too excited, plus after the sex i started having wicked contractions, and i was hoping i'd go into labor on my own. no such luck so we left the house friday morning at 6:30. by 7:30 i was already hooked up to pitocin and my bloody i.v. line. man, i wish there was a better way of doing things than an iv. the nurse tried it once and blew my vein, so she had another nurse come in who is supposedly really good at this and who got it right the first time on my other arm so what i want to know is why she couldn't do it the first time?!

after a short time i asked for the anesthesiologist who came pretty quickly. i wasn't at all worried about getting an epidural because the two i had with the girls went so smoothly. i felt almost no pain and the doctor issuing them was in and out, no problem. this doctor, however, was an idiot. the first time he tried, he stuck the tube into a blood vessel in my back. i still have the brilliant bruise to show for it. then he's trying again and as he's working, his pager goes off so he has the nurse check it to see if it's an emergency but she can't figure it out (the same nurse who screwed up the iv line) so he leaves me with the needle in my back to show her how to use it. i'm like, hello! patient right here with needle sticking out of my frickin spine! grrrr but at least he didn't blow it that time, you know, when he finally got back to work.

after the epidural i was a happy camper. i went to sleep dilated only about 2 or 3 cm and woke up a couple of hours later at 8cm. a half hour and a boost on the epi later i was ready to push and only like 3 pushes after that our baby was born! it was so easy! i couldn't believe it! while i was pushing i was too numb to know if i was doing it right. i said "it doesn't feel like i'm doing anything!" and hubby said the head was right there! it was so great; if i could get a guarantee that all my labors would be like that i'd offer to birth other people's babies for them! :) it just goes to show the power of prayer; i'd been praying for a labor that was as painless as possible and quick, and for a good baby who'd be a great nurser and i got both. i know a lot of people were praying for me and the baby and i could really feel it. i'm so thankful!

ok, alright, i'm going to do some research on nursing and losing weight then i need to go to bed while baby's still sleeping.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

officially overdue

okayyyyy sooo.... yesterday was my due date. yayyy! so, why does this baby not want to come out?! we're talking, like, NO inclination to come out as of yet. this baby seems VERY comfy! my hubby is threatening to force feed me spicy food to get things going. he offered to make me buffalo wings for breakfast, now isn't that appetizing?! :)

anyway, if i don't go into labor on my own by friday i am being induced. that makes me a little nervous. i mean, if i'm going from cold nothing, isn't it going to be rather unpleasant? with the other two girls it was all nice and gradual, i was a little more dilated at every weekly appointment and by the time i got to the hospital i was already halfway dilated and barely even noticed! so i'm not thrilled at the idea of being medically induced into full-blown labor from nothing. blehhhhh. well we'll see how it goes i guess. i've been praying that labor would start before then but we're getting close--only today and tomorrow, then i have to be at the hospital first thing friday morning. please please please! :)