Wednesday, February 15, 2006

misc. aka catching up

wow, it's been a while since i've posted, huh? well things are getting pretty crazy around here: new bed for my little one came yesterday, i've got doctor appointments every week, the good news is last saturday was my last day at work for three whole months! yes! whoo hoo whoo hoo! i love love love being home with the kids and hubby, even though i have, like, nooo energy. it's kind of cruel: just when the nesting instinct is at its peak (must...clean...everything...) i can barely keep my eyes open. :)

two more weeks! i'm so excited! next week i'm going to hit the treadmill every day in an effort to get things moving along. the nurse practitioner (oh yes, did i mention my doc is in india until, like, right before my due date?!) says the baby is still pretty high so i wanna see if a little walkin will take care of that.

still no name. poor baby. it's not that we don't want to pick a name for you, dear baby, it's just that it doesn't seem very pressing. i have this feeling like we're just going to look at you and say, yes, you are a (insert name here). :)

hubby is soooo busy this week! he got in a little fender-bender on monday, courtesy of a little black ice, so he's got that to deal with. we just got a rental today, which is covered by insurance, yay! oh by the way he didn't hit anyone else, and didn't get hurt, praise the lord for looking out for him!! i would like to mention that my last words to him that morning before he left were "be careful out there!" lol what are you gonna do? then he's busy with school work (last bits of his master's degree...we're almost there honey!) and work has been busy, and he's the head trustee at church so he's got two meetings this week...i promised to hold off on my "hit the treadmill" plan til after this week was over. :)

oh, i gotta tell you: hubby subscribed to dave ramsey's "my total money makeover" program. dave ramsey is this guy with a radio show who helps people get out of debt. no really. i mean, he's on the air giving away this information for free! i know you've seen those late-night/early am informercials where people try to sell you their program on how to make quick millions but this guy is the real deal. he tells you how, with hard work and sacrifice, you can pay off your debt and, as he says, "live like no one else now so later you can live like no one else" or something like that. i have to tell you, this guy is blessed by God to help people, it's really incredible. hubby and i are reading his book and listening to his radio shows on cd (the book and cd and another book, called 48 days to the work you love, also good, come with the my total money makeover package) and it's really incredible, practical, long-term advice to keep you from ever being in debt again, ever. imagine never paying a car payment or a mortgage payment (although dave says a mortgage, while not necessary, is the only acceptable debt) or student loans ever again! we're pretty excited about it, and the guy makes it entertaining. hubby loves listening to him cuz when a caller calls in with a question and dave ramsey thinks the caller is doing something stupid, he says, "that's stupid!" lol! the guy is a christian too, which, while hardly being integral to the plan, makes it more enjoyable for us as fellow christians to listen to and be like, "amen brother ramsey!" :) anyway i'm including his link on the page here so you can check him out.

oh yay, hubby's home from one of his many meetings of the week. later!
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