Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year!

happy new year everyone! i hope anyone reading this enjoyed their holidays as much as i did. the fam and i went to my dad's for dinner, and we met his girlfriend. i am so excited; my dad has only had one girlfriend since he and my mom split years ago, and she didn't last long. i hope this one does; she's very nice. it was weird though; my dad had women's products in his bathroom! :) anyway dinner was very pleasant and my dad was noticeably happy, which is an improvement over some past dinners.

the kids got way too many presents, as usual. i'd like to go through all our stuff and set aside the things that the girls don't play with, but that might wait until after this baby goes through them. i'm going to keep trying though; that baby will get enough toys of his own with every birthday and christmas that comes along. let's donate them to kids who don't have anything.

on christmas eve we went to my hubby's parents' house so we could see them and my brother in law before they left on their cruise. hm, maybe instead of a y membership next year they can get us a cruise! :) then we went to my mom & her boyfriend's house for munchies and presents. my sister and brother were there, yay! but my sister had her friend-with-benefits there with her, and i know she says things are ok with them but i worry about her. she doesn't need to be going out with someone with a drinking problem. who does? i'm worried that even though he's been going easy on the drinking since they talked about it, things won't stay like that for long and she'll get hurt. :(

on new year's eve we went to church for a candlelit service (oh yeah, let's cram 300 people into the sanctuary and give them all lit candles, ugh where's the nearest fire extinguisher?! at least it got my 4-year-old's mind off of her suddenly-realized fear of rooms full of too many people) and then my sister and brother's apartment to play board games. the kids all got to play together, and while the plan was to put them in bed by 10, they were right there with us to count in the new year. :) they were actually doing better than me; from about 10:30 on i kept checking my watch, saying, "is it 12 yet?" we had a really great time (i kicked butt at who? what? where? LOL) but we didn't get home until 1ish and then we were up all too soon the next day.

we had a party at my uncle's house first, which was nicer than i though it was. must be because we didn't stay long. :) it was good to see my sis and brother again, and my mom, but i have practially no relationship with my aunts and uncles. my hubby didn't believe it when i told him this, but when i call one of them (on the extremely rare occasion i would have reason to do so) this is how the conversation goes:

"hi auntie so-and-so, this is kimberly."
"kimberly my-last-name. my-mom's daughter."
"oh, oh yeah, hi!"

sigh, so no, we're not very close. :) no way will i ever let my kids and their relatives ever get like that. i feel bad for my mom, cuz i know she doesn't like things being like that. she always wanted us kids to be close with our relatives. i think it was kind of inevitable though. she came from a family of townies, and she got out & away from all that.

next was a party with one of my girlfriends from church. the kids had a blast playing with all the other kids that were there, and it's always good to be in the company of our church friends, but it was nothing super exciting. of course, that might just be because i was really starting to crash...i think i was in bed by 8 that night. :)

speaking of sleeping too much...only 53 more days til this baby is due! poor thing, we still haven't settled on a name. have i mentioned before that i'm pretty sure it didn't take this long with the first two kids? i hope he doesn't take that as a commentary on being wanted; i am so freakin' excited about this baby coming, and so's everyone else. the kids are starting to get really excited; they must figure mommy's belly is about as big as anyone's could possibly get so the time must be near. :)

well i'm off; nesting is setting in, which gives me about 4 more hours of good cleaning time before i fall on my face from exhaustion. :)
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