Wednesday, January 11, 2006

happy birthday to hubby!

today's my hubby's birthday! i told him yesterday that i'd get up nice and early and make him a big breakfast but of course that didn't happen. every night i wake up around 2, make a potty run and then doze off and on until about 5, when i sleep soundly until the kids get me up around 7:30. so hubby gets up for work right in my sound-sleeping time. :) poor thing; i made him a nice dinner though. his favorite, sesame chicken. and we had ice cream cake for dessert.

right now he's out with the kids at church listening to a missionary family talk about their work in cambodia and making ice cream sundaes. we went to hear them on monday and they were really interesting but i was too wiped out today to go. my little one and i were out all day with food shopping and my latest doctor's appointment so i begged off, telling hubby that if he took the kids and let me rest, maybe i would have enough energy later to give him a birthday backrub. :) unfortunately i've spent the last hour and a half not resting but cleaning up and getting out the old bassinet. now i'm super sleepy, and my back hurts. :) i can't wait for this baby to be born!

only 7 more weeks, by the way, and--you guessed it--still no name. our older daughter asked today if God knows a good name for our baby and i said i think so but so far he's not sharing and hubby said well he'd probably share if we'd just sit down and listen. true, true!

anyway name decisions aside, i am so freakin excited about the baby i can't stand it! i can't wait to be home, with the baby and the girls and my hubby, cleaning the house and cooking and changing diapers and playing... this from the girl who always wanted a career first! funny how God can be like, uh, no, that's not what i have in store for you honey. :)

ok got to go take the bassinet stuff out of the dryer and then hop into bed. zzzzz....
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