Thursday, January 19, 2006

6 weeks and counting

well, not much to post about lately. i have a couple of jewelry shows coming up, one tonight and one next week, that i'm pretty excited about. i hope i get to do a lot more shows once i'm on maternity leave. they're so much fun, and it's pretty easy money for having a night out with a bunch of other girls. :)

speaking of maternity leave, i figure i'll take off in another 3 or 4 weeks. hm, guess i should get my paperwork done. :) it's a little intimidating, all this paperwork to make sure i get paid while i'm gone. but i am so excited! not just about having the baby, which of course has me thrilled (and, ok, a little nervous--can i handle 3 kids?! lol) but about getting back to the gym! man, i got a look at my thighs today (they're usually hidden beyond the horizon of my belly, lol) and nearly died! hm, maybe i'll have to take before-and-after pictures of my posterior for posterity. :)

the girls are getting excited too. this poor baby is going to have one daddy and three mommies. my almost-4 year old sings to my belly all the time, so cute!

i went to a girlfriend to get my hair lopped off the other day. pregnancy syndrome, y'know. :) i just couldn't stand it anymore; the hair needed to go. it was in the way. hubby, who would have my hair down to my butt if he had it his way, was very gracious when he saw me. just smiled, and said it looked nice. :) so sweet, but what else is he going to say to his hormonal pregnant wife?! hehe

ugh, i have to start counting down better. i started saying "6 weeks left" at 6 and a half weeks, so now i'm like, "it's still 6 weeks?!" well anyway, exactly 40 days. how cool is that? come out baby, we're dying to meet you!
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