Tuesday, December 20, 2005


names names names, we need to pick a name for this baby. the hard part is my hubby and i have completely different tastes in names. i like names like linaeve, bronwyn, and ember, and he likes names like ashley, nathan, and daniel. ugh. how did we ever name our first two?! :)

anyway, here are my picks.

for a boy i like:
  1. aaron
  2. aidan (although it's the most popular boys name this year, ew)
  3. donovan
  4. gabriel
  5. jacob (what our second daughter was going to be if she was a boy, and the top name of 2003, ew)
  6. riley
  7. asher
  8. quinlan
  9. jeremy
  10. koren

and for a girl i like:

  1. bronwyn
  2. avery
  3. ember
  4. rebekah
  5. teagan
  6. flannery
  7. riley
  8. taryn
  9. tenley
  10. zipporah

don't be surprised, though, if none of these names make the final cut. for some reason while i love all these names, i can't imagine actually giving some of them to my child. and there's no way hubby would have some of them. :)

i'm trying to convince hubby to let us keep the baby's name a secret (you know, once we dedide on one) until the baby is born. i like the idea of having that to ourselves for now, and not having to worry about everyone's opinion until it's already done. :)

ok this is like my third post today. i really need to go get some actual housework done.

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